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Home Made Slab Roller for under $150
Wood plus PVC Pipes

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This web site was created to publish a variety of homemade pottery tools for fellow ceramicists. Plans and videos are provided to assist individuals who need these tools for their local businesses or hobbies but can't afford the expense of purchasing factory made equipment. The printed plan and videos are copyrighted and should not be published or printed without written consent.

Dale is a former Industrial Arts teacher and recently retired awards & recognition retailer for the last 40 years. He has given many seminars on computer graphic software and designed various tools and machines for his industry. Pottery is his newest adventure and making tools for potters is an exciting venture. Sharing these tools and their construction is his way 'pay forward" to pottery community all that share by others.

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Dale Savoie

Dale Savoie

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Pottery, RVing, Pawn Shopping and playing in a Cajun band.

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My Son.

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Gluing Rail Covers
Gluing the aluminum caps for the side rails.


Dale Savoie

Ceramic Arts Daily


This photo illustrates the different position in the top and bottom cables

This shows the PVC top cylinder, cabling and side rail

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